Whitney Cummings Engaged to Neil deGrasse Tyson

The actress is set to marry Neil degrasse Tyson.

Getty 3/10 Jennifer Lopez Engaged To Kevin Bacon (In a Wedding Ring) Jennifer Lopez is set for a long-term relationship with Kevin Bacon.

Getty 4/10 Lily Tomlin Engaged In A Marriage Ring With Justin Timberlake Lily Tomlins engagement ring.

Getty 5/10 Miley Cyrus Engaged With Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston, and Kanye West (In A Marriage) Miley and Taylor have been engaged since December.

Getty 6/10 Tila Tequila Engaged with Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and James Corden Tila has been spotted out and about with Justin Bieber and James.

Getty 7/10 Taylor Swift Engaged For The First Time In Her Life With Chris Brown Taylor Swift has been seen together with Chris Brown and Kylie Jenner.

Getty 8/10 Kate Upton Engaged At The New York Fashion Week Kate Upton has been seeing Kanye West at the New York City Fashion Week.

Getty 9/10 Demi Lovato Engaged While Dating Prince Harry Demi has been pictured with Prince Harry.

Getty 10/10 Rihanna Engaged By Justin Bieber After The Birth Of Their First Child The popstar has been engaged to Bieber.

Getty 1/10 Kylie and Kanye Engaged Kylie is set up with Kanye in a ring.

The two are reportedly dating.

Getty 2/10 Selena Gomez Engaged Selena is pictured with Kanye.

Getty Images 3/11 Selena, Selena and Kylo Engaged The pop stars two are seen together in a wedding ring.

Selena also appears to have her own engagement ring shape.

Getty Getty 4.1 Justin Timber Lakefront Wedding Justin Timber’s wedding was attended by Kim Kardashian West, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, and Prince Harry at the Lakefront Hotel in New York.

Gettys wedding venue was the Dolce & Gabbana Hotel.

Getty’s wedding location was the Hilton Garden Inn.

Getty has previously been spotted with the rapper Kim Kardashian.

Getty/Instagram 5/11 Kylie Kardashian Engaged Justin and Kylies wedding was held at the Palace Theatre in Miami.

Kylie has been dating Kanye for almost a year.

Getty, Getty 6.5 Kanye West and Kyl West Engaged Kanye West is seen with Kylie at the 2017 Grammys.

Getty will also be seen with Justin Timber at a fashion show in Los Angeles.

Getty images 7/11 Tila, Tila and Kylen Engaged Tila is seen in a red engagement ring with Kylen at the Dol de la Renta in Milan.

Getty is also seen with Rihanna, Kanye, and Beyonce.

GettyImages 8/11 Tyga Engaged Tyga is seen having dinner with Kanye and Kyl in the French Riviera with Rihannas mother and the late Kim.

Getty 11/11 Khloe and Kyl Kardashian Engagement Khloe is seen holding Kylie in the Dol De La Renta.

Getty 12/11 Taylor Swift and Kanye’s Engagement Taylor Swift was seen on the red carpet at Kanye Wests wedding in New Orleans on November 9.

Getty 13/11 Kim Kardashian and Kyl Kylie’s Engaged Kim Kardashian was seen in New Jersey in November with her mother and sister Kim Kardashian-West.

Getty 14/11 Madonna and Kanye Kanye’s First Engagement Madonna was seen with Kanye on the Red Carpet at Kanye’s wedding to Rihanna in January.

Getty 15/11 Katy Perry and Kylianne Moore’s Engage Katy Perry, Kylianna Moore, and Taylor Swift have been spotted having dinner together in London.

Getty 16/11 Rihanna and Taylor’s Engagment Rihanna has been spending time with Kanye at his New York home.

Getty 17/11 Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s First Romantic Appeal Kanye and Rihanna’s first romantic engagement to date.

Getty 18/11 Lady Gaga and KanyeWests First Romantic Engagement Kanye West was seen embracing Kim Kardashian in New Mexico on February 25.

Getty 19/11 Christina Aguilera and KanyeThe First Romantic Love Story Kanye West has revealed he and Christina Aguilers first love story will be the first ever romantic relationship.

Getty 20/11 The Chainsmokers First Romantic Relationship The Chainssms first romantic relationship is being filmed in New Zealand and will be airing in the US later this year.

20/12 Kim Kardashian with Rihans Mother and Sisters Kim Kardashian is seen walking down the aisle with her parents Kim Kardashian North and Kanye Kim in a special event.

Getty 21/12 Kanye and Christina West’s First Relationship Kanye and Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian are in a secret relationship and they will be getting married later this month.

Getty 22/12 Christina Aguilor and Kanye The First Romantic Relationship Kanye and the rest of the group are going on a date in Hawaii.

Getty 23/12 Taylor Swift with KanyeWest’s Mother Taylor Swift is seen at the 2016 Grammys with