When a new rabbit has a bad bunny engagement ring on its neck, you’ll never guess what it’s up to

The world of pet-related advertising is filled with bizarre ads featuring animals that have a bad hair day, bad skin, bad teeth, bad noses, bad ears, bad feet and bad teeth.

But a new ad from a brand called Bad Bunny has you guessing, because they’re really good at it.

The video, titled ‘A Bad Bunny’s Burden’, shows a cute bunny sitting in a chair with a bad tooth on its nose, while its ears are getting crushed by a rock, and it has a very ugly black rabbit with its ears stuck on the back of its neck.

The bunny, named Bigger than the Biggest, then begins to cry as it struggles to open its mouth to spit.

When the rabbit tries to open the mouth again, it turns to face the camera and says ‘that’s not so bad.’

The video ends with the rabbit’s face getting crushed again.

The rabbit is not alone in having a bad rabbit engagement ring.

In fact, the most recent statistics show that one in four pet rabbits have one or more bad rings on their necks.

So what causes these bad rings?

According to Bad Bunny, bad rings come from a number of different causes.

Bad rings can come from dental problems, such as cavities, infections, and gum disease, which can affect the quality of a pet’s life.

Bad ringworm can also be caused by parasites that live in the saliva of pets.

Bad hair can cause itchy, burning and itchy skin, and the teeth can be damaged by the bites of bad bugs.

Bad ears can cause hearing loss.

Bad teeth can cause infection of the enamel, or damage to the teeth.

And bad noses can cause difficulty breathing.

If you’ve ever wondered why bad rabbits are such a big deal, the bad rabbit phenomenon has many different explanations.

It could be that rabbits are a nuisance for humans, and bad hair or bad teeth are a sign of poor health.

However, the only real reason people bother to buy bad rings is because they are cute and cute can make for some pretty pictures.