What to do when your engagement ring is accidentally engaged

Engagement rings can be a great way to engage and build a strong connection with someone new, but if you miss it, it can also cause a lot of frustration for the person you’re engaged with.

Here’s what to do if your engagement rings are unintentionally engaged.

What can you do?

If you’ve been engaged for more than two years and your engagement invitation was not included in your invitation, contact the local police.

If you haven’t been engaged since February, contact your partner’s GP.

You may also contact your nearest GP if you haven, or call 999 if you need help.

If the ring is still missing, call 999.

If there’s any way you can contact your local police, they can help.

Contact your local Police contact centre to check on the progress of an investigation.

If your engagement is not confirmed, contact a wedding planning agency to make an appointment to confirm the date of your engagement.

If any of the following apply, contact an appropriate member of the wedding planning team.

The engagement invitation has been sent out and no communication with you has been made to date.

You haven’t contacted your partner for a few months or the wedding invitation hasn’t been sent.

Your partner hasn’t received your engagement invite or haven’t received it in the mail.

Your wedding invitation has not been sent to you.

If an engagement invitation is missing from your wedding invitation, you may be eligible for a refund.

If a person who has not received an invitation is still involved, contact local authorities.

Contact the local wedding planning service to confirm your date of engagement and make an offer of assistance to your partner.

If all else fails, contact police.