What Does s Mean on Jewelry

What Does s Mean on Jewelry? |Kevin Abdala.

When it comes to purchasing jewelry, it is important to know what the symbols written on the inside of the jewelry box mean. This blog aims to explain some of the symbols you will see on both rings, necklaces and bracelets when you purchase your jewelry item.

The four C’s – Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat, are the standard measurements used to determine the quality of a diamond, but now it seems as though a new ‘C’ is being added, the ‘Cost’ factor. This blog will discuss what the ‘s’ on your jewelry really means.

Is it real gold? Will it last?

For this particular ring, it is 100% authentic 14k gold. It’s really heavy and thick, so it will certainly last for a lifetime. It’s also much less than what you would pay at Walmart or other jewelry stores.

The 14K gold is real gold. It is hard to tell if it will last, as I have only had them for a few days. I have worn a few different brands of earrings for many years now, and have yet to have any problems. I have bought both gold and silver (plated) over the years, and have had no issue with any of them. I wouldn’t go to bed or bathe with them on, nor would I wear them to a hard labor job.

What does the “S” stand for?

Without a doubt, many of us have been wondering what the “S” in Steve Jobs’ middle name stands for. So, what does the “S” stand for? Some say it has something to do with his birth name, Steven Paul Jobs.

However, this is an incorrect explanation. The “S” actually stands for “Samuel”. Steve Jobs’ father was named Paul Jobs, and his mother’s maiden name was Clara Hagopian. Hence the name Samuel Paul Jobs.

Are there different karats?

Gold is an element that’s naturally found in the environment. So, gold is 24-karat, which means that it’s made up of 24 parts per 25 gold. There are other versions of gold, though, that are lower in purity. Rose gold, for example, is 18-karat gold, while white gold is closer to 14-karat.

There are 10 different karats in gold: 22k, 18k, 14k, 10k, 8k, 5k, 4k, 2k, and 1k. The higher the karat, the purer the gold. For example, 14k gold is 14/24ths pure gold, while 10k gold is 10/24ths pure gold.

How do I care for my gold jewelry?

Buying gold jewelry is a good investment because it will increase in value over time. Before you wear your gold jewelry, you should give it a thorough clean by polishing it. This will remove any surface dirt and grime.

Then you should wash your hands before handling the jewelry otherwise you will leave finger print marks on it. If you wear gold jewelry every day, then you should clean it every month. If you wear it occasionally, then you should clean it every 3 months.


The vast majority of jewelry items will have specific symbols written on the inside of the jewelry box. These symbols may not mean anything to you, but they are there because they are used to inform the buyer of the quality of the jewelry they have just purchased. We hope that this blog post can help you in your future purchases of jewelry, so you can be sure you are buying the highest quality jewelry.


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