What Does Black Mean On a Mood Ring

What Does Black Mean On a Mood Ring? | Kevin Abdala

Mood rings have been around for many years now and people are still very curious to know if they work. For those who don’t know what a mood ring is, it is a ring that has a stone in the middle the color of which changes according to your mood.

The change in color is caused by the mood-altering body heat. So the more your body temperature rises, the deeper the color of the stone. Here is a blog that will tell you what black on a mood ring means.

A mood ring is a ring that indicates the mood of the wearer. A mood ring works by sensing the moisture in the air, affecting the position of the color in the mood ring.

A black mood ring is a mood ring that has no color. A mood ring with no color is called a blank mood ring or a black mood ring. This blog will discuss what a mood ring is, what a blank mood ring is, and why a mood ring with no color is called a black mood ring.

What is Black on a Mood Ring?

A mood ring, also known as an emotion ring or color-change ring, is made of two bands of colored plastic with a liquid crystal solution sandwiched in between them. As the wearer’s body temperature changes, the solution’s temperature also changes, causing the colors in the plastic to change accordingly.

However, even the most seasoned mood ring wearer can sometimes be stumped by that mysterious black color that shows up on their mood ring from time to time; what does black mean on a mood ring? Let’s take a look at the possible meanings behind this strange phenomenon.

Does Black Mean Depression?

It might seem counterintuitive, but when a mood ring is black it means you’re experiencing an extremely positive feeling. So what does black mean on a mood ring? When that ring starts to turn black, it means you’re feeling super happy. Black indicates extreme elation — perhaps even euphoria.

When Other Colors Mean Stress

What Does Black Mean on a Mood Ring? Learning how to use mood rings can make your life easier. They are great at telling you when you are stressed and need to decompress. The black ring, what does it mean on a mood ring? Well, that means that stress has gotten very bad.

So bad in fact that you may even be freaking out about it. If you see black, take some time to relax, reflect and then figure out what it is that’s stressing you out so much! A good way to do so would be to take 10 deep breaths every time you see black. Make sure your head is lowered with each inhale and raised with each exhale. Repeat until you feel better!

Can You Wear Multiple Rings at Once?

Wearing multiple mood rings at once can make it harder to get an accurate reading from any single ring. The reason for that is because of how mood rings work: they contain liquid crystals, which are sensitive to changes in temperature.

Each ring will shift color based on its own temperature and only changes in color indicate your emotional state; wearing multiple rings means that there will be even more variation in their temperatures than if you were just wearing one. However, if you really want to wear more than one ring at once, here’s how you can do it: leave about a half-inch between each ring.

How Do They Work?

Mood rings work using a substance called liquid crystal. Liquid crystals are semi-solid substances that can hold either an electric charge or none at all. They have properties of both liquids and solids, which makes them fascinating to explore in chemistry labs. When you wear a mood ring, heat from your skin melts some of its crystals into a liquid state (or back into one).

This shifts your mood ring’s optical properties just enough so that it appears black when you’re happy and blue when you’re sad. While science tells us it’s impossible to determine someone’s emotional state with any accuracy based on their skin temperature, there are still plenty of people who love wearing mood rings for fun!


After that, it’s just a matter of choosing which mood ring you like best. You can choose a mood ring that represents a single color, or a mood ring that changes color, or you can even choose a mood ring that has more than one color.

While a single-color mood ring tends to be fairly simplistic, it can lend itself well to more reserved or serious types of jewelry. A mood ring with more than one color, on the other hand, can be more eye-catching and showy, making it ideal for those who want a more flashy piece of jewelry.

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