New Jersey mom posts picture of her son wearing engagement ring

NEW JERSEY — A New Jersey woman has posted a picture of herself holding a pair of rings, a father’s Christmas gift, and an engagement ring finger on Instagram.

New Jersey mom Jenelle Koczela, a former Marine, shared a picture on Wednesday of her 6-year-old son, Brandon, wearing a red engagement ring while holding a black engagement ring in his right hand and a white engagement ring, with the caption, “I have a lot of ring fingers and this is my ring finger.”

“I am so excited,” Kocsela wrote.

“I am not just happy for my son Brandon but for all the families of military families.”

Kocsella said she wanted to share the picture because “there is no way I could have been more surprised when I saw it.”

Kobayashi, the company that manufactures the rings, has told the Associated Press it will replace the rings in Brandon’s and Kocsbauer’s hands.

Brandon has also received a pair from a friend, and his father told the AP he’s excited about Brandon’s new ring.