Muralist dies after shooting in Muralism

Posted September 08, 2018 07:09:00 A Muralistic artist in South Dakota has died after being shot while engaging in an engagement ring.

A spokesperson for the South Dakota Historical Commission said it was not immediately clear why Michael Ochs died.

He was the owner of Och’s Studio in the city of Sioux Falls.

Ochs, an avid artist, had been shooting a new engagement ring with a silver bead at a muralist at the South Platte Arts District in Sioux Falls since last month.

He had a wife and two children with him.

Odell Williams, the artist’s nephew, said the engagement ring fell off when it fell from his hand.

Williams said he was working on the mural when he heard someone yell “shoot” and saw the ring on the ground.

He said he thought it was a burglar, but when he turned around, he saw a man’s body.

Williams and other residents rushed to Och and his family.

He died in the hospital.

The couple has been identified as Joseph and Mary Ann Och.

Och had a reputation as an artist and had been known to take pictures of himself in a bathtub with a gold chain.

Ouchs, whose studio was the only one open to the public, also had a website and an Instagram account.

He lived in Sioux City, Iowa, and lived with his wife, a veterinarian, for about two years.