Mediatakeout is a blog-style gossip website mainly focused on entertainment, particularly the African American community. Founded in 2005, Media Take Out has since become one of the most popular African American entertainment sites online and its stories are frequently picked up by mainstream media sources such as CNN, ABC News, MSN, and many more.

Some of its most popular posts include What’s Wrong With President Obama? and Rev Run & Justine Wanted Baby Number 3! What started out as just a small site has turned into one of the best gossip websites on the Internet today!

What is Mediatakeout and its Gossips

Mediatakeout is a popular and infamous Black gossip website. The site was founded in 2005 and generates revenue through advertising, paying freelance contributors, and selling merchandise like mugs, t-shirts, and calendars. Mediatakeout has many well-known articles about public figures. For example, on October 31st, 2014 Keke Palmer’s sex tape was leaked online. Keke was a Nickelodeon actress who starred in Akeelah and The Bee (2006). 

The sex tape caused a media frenzy because she was underage at 18 when it was shot. She was under legal pressure to release an apology video on youtube before taking down her Instagram page which had more than 1 million followers. In 2016 Kylie Jenner released a line of cosmetics called Kylie Cosmetics with little success. The products were sold exclusively online via her app for 2 months but after receiving several complaints from customers regarding shipping issues, refunds, and lack of product quality, Kylie decided to take everything off shelves until they could be restocked with better quality products.

Many people criticized Kylie for not having enough time or money invested into making sure that everything would run smoothly because she started working on her makeup line after only 2 years of being famous as opposed to other celebrities such as Kim Kardashian who have been famous for over 10 years before launching their own cosmetic lines. These are just two examples of what you can find if you look up Media take out today! The staff behind Mediatakeout also makes parody videos of celebrities’ interviews using editing software which creates humorous situations and results. 

One recent parody featured Bow Wow saying If I catch another case, I’m going to jail. meaning he will kill someone next time he shoots someone else if he gets arrested again for shooting them first. The video went viral among fans but some people did not realize it was a joke and accused him of promoting violence so Bow Wow felt compelled to tweet Hahahaha!! Yall still don’t get sarcasm? It’s a joke. Watch my show dog pound nation lol… It’s hilarious… So yall still mad I ain’t shoot somebody huh?

The History of Media take out

The website was founded by an entertainment journalist in 2004. In 2008, it was purchased by a company owned by two individuals named George John & Demetri Nohra. The following year, Nohra was found dead on a beach in Greece at age 38. After he died, numerous websites accused John of having some involvement in his death and that of other people connected to MediaTakeOut’s owners and their acquaintances. 

Several lawsuits were filed against Mediatakeout and its founders, with allegations ranging from defamation to racial discrimination. Despite these claims, Mediatakeout remains one of the most popular blogs for gossip in Black America today.

The Updates about Mediatakeout

This is probably one of my favorite blogs on WordPress, as well as in general. No day passes without Media Takeout writing a new post about some celeb scandal or other (trust me) but I digress. I like MTO because they update extremely quickly -oftentimes within mere hours of breaking a story- and they’re very dedicated to their site. 

They have an active Twitter and Facebook presence, which shows that they aren’t afraid to tackle criticism from their followers. On top of all that, their posts are pretty interesting to read! It’s always good when you can get your news from more than just CNN.

The Latest Scandals, Stories, and News

Every site wants to be viewed as the go-to for coverage of a certain event or topic. The more active, up-to-date coverage you provide, the more people will see your site as an authoritative source on a subject and link to it—and coming off like an authority is just about everything search engines want from a website. Here are some quick tips for keeping your site fresh • Keep tabs on trending topics by reading other news sites and blogs that cover similar topics.

 If you’re able to write about something before anyone else does, even better! It’s also important to make sure your content is unique—there’s no point in writing a story if someone else has already written it (and done so better). Google has gotten much better at sniffing out duplicated content over time, but don’t take any chances with your SEO; it’s always best to do things right from day one. And if there isn’t enough material available for original stories?

Law Suit On Mediatakeout

According to documents filed in Cook County Circuit Court, Elkin Kwesi Mills is suing for $1 million. The defendant has deliberately engaged in conduct aimed at suppressing the plaintiff’s personal and professional reputation and has also interfered with his business relationships, according to court documents.

These actions are highly damaging and have led to the loss of prospective clients. The site reported that Mills had lied about how he lost his eye, claiming that he lost it while selling drugs. His lawsuit says that the allegations were made up. The suit accuses Mediatakeout of slander, libel, tortious interference with prospective economic advantage, and false light invasion of privacy. 

It asks for more than $1 million in damages plus attorney fees. In addition, he wants an injunction ordering Mediatakeout to stop publishing defamatory statements about him. Mills is represented by James D. Montgomery Jr., who could not be reached for comment. A call to Mediatakeout was not returned by the deadline.

In April 2011, Mills sued another website called MediaTakeOut Online over similar allegations; that case was dismissed last month after both parties agreed to arbitration before JAMS Inc., according to online records from Cook County Circuit Court.

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