‘It’s a real privilege’: The life of Anna Faris as she tells her story

Anna Fares has never really been one to shy away from her emotions, but when it comes to her family, it’s often been difficult to be out of her sight.

When she’s not making art, her mother, Jeanette Faris, is busy raising four kids, three of whom are autistic, as well as the four children she now has as a single mother.

And she has always struggled with dealing with her own autism, which has led to a life full of struggles, including the death of her brother, who was born with Asperger’s syndrome.

It’s a life that can be described as “soul-crushing” by one of Annas parents, who has a child of her own, as the family struggles to cope with their own difficulties.

The story of Annanas journey to recovery is told in this exclusive interview, which is part of the Smithsonian Magazine’s A History of Autism: The Story Behind Autism.

Here, Annas shares the story of how she first learned of her condition and the many challenges that have made it so hard for her to find solace in her family and community.

She talks about the challenges of living with her condition in a way that her siblings and parents can understand, as she says she has difficulty speaking to her parents because she has “no one in my life who can listen.”

And she explains how she’s had to fight to find the support she needs to live her life fully and safely, while at the same time not letting her disability define her or her family.

This is part 1 of a two-part series.

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