How to wear an anonyx ring for a heart-shaped engagement

You know that classic ring with the heart on it?

The one with the diamond?

It’s the one that all your friends, family, and co-workers have told you to wear to your next engagement.

Well, here’s how to make it look the part.

This article has been updated to include the new heart-shape engagement ring.

But if you’re looking for a way to create a heart shape, you might want to start with a ring with two hearts on it instead.

First, you need to cut the ring in half.

Then, cut the middle off of the ring to make a ring shape.

The middle of the heart is where the diamond will be placed.

Then you’ll need to take a piece of tape and sew on the two hearts.

The ring will look like this: This is the heart of the Anonyx Ring.

Now that you have your ring cut and ready to wear, you can go ahead and put it on.

Just remember, you’re going to need to put it up against your heart, so make sure to leave enough room between the ring and the heart.

To finish, take a tape measure and cut out your heart.

Next, you’ll want to take another tape measure, and cut the tape into the heart shape.

To do this, take your tape measure from the back of the engagement ring and place it against the front of the anonyyx ring.

You’ll want the tape measure to be about three inches from the heart, and be just slightly shorter than the width of your heart and the diameter of the diamond.

With your tape measured, sew it on, and place the tape on top of your ring.

Make sure that the tape measures stay in place.

Then place the ring over your heart so that it’s securely attached.

To get the most from your ring, you may want to wear it with a tie, which will make it easier to put on the ring.

If you’re not sure how to wear a heart shaped ring, this article has a few tips for creating one for your wedding day.

The Anonyxes’ new heart ring is available for purchase at

It costs $49.95.