How To Take The Plastic Back Off Earrings

How To Take The Plastic Back Off Earrings? |Kevin Abdala

Plastic backings on earrings are often get stuck to the earrings and usually need a slight tug to remove from the earrings. We’ve put together a few tricks on how to remove these plastic backings without losing the backing or hurting yourself.

The job of taking the plastic off earrings might seem simple but it can be a real pain to do. Doing it without the right tools is hard and doing it without the right tools can prove to be very time-consuming. In this blog, we will look at the different tools you can use to make this simple process a lot easier.

Why do earrings get sticky?

A little bit of ear wax is your body’s way of keeping out dirt and germs. This is why you should never clean your ears with cotton swabs or other devices. The wax traps dirt, but it also traps bacteria designed to protect you. Sweat, which bathes your ear canal, actually contains a natural antibiotic that neutralizes the harmful bacteria.

However, when you wear earrings, you block the opening to the ear canal, preventing the eardrum from getting fresh air. Earrings made of certain metals such as gold are more likely to cause an infection. This is because gold is a soft metal that scratches easily, and hardened ceramics can chip off and get stuck in the ear.

What can you do to keep your jewelry looking great?

Three simple steps you can take to protect your jewelry from tarnish: Clean it often–dirt, oils, and natural body products can tarnish your jewelry. Clean it gently–use a toothbrush (or a soft-bristled baby brush) to get into small areas and a soft-bristled brush to clean the rest.

Store it properly–in a closed box or pouch, ideally made of satin or felt, in a cool, dry area. Some metals, like sterling silver and gold, can react with air and create tarnish even with proper storage. You can clean these by gently rubbing them with a soft-bristled brush. To protect stones, like diamonds or pearls, wrap them in a soft cloth before storage.

How to Remove Stuck Earrings?

Use alcohol to loosen earring posts. Using a cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol, rub the earring post hole until it no longer feels tight.  Rubbing alcohol is slightly acidic and this can help to loosen the earrings.

Also, the cotton ball may help to absorb some of the earring material that has accumulated on the post. If this doesn’t work, then you will want to consider taking the earrings to a professional to have them removed.

How to store your jewelry?

Jewelry and other gems should be stored separately from each other as it ensures each of their natural beauty. Different gems have varied hardness as different gemstones can be scratched by some diamonds and vice versa, some stones can scratch other stones.

Generally, jewelry is considered safe when it is stored in a safe, fire-proof residence or vault, and it is stored according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This, however, is not always possible. The main methods of storing jewelry are:


Now that you know how to remove plastic backings on earrings, your earrings will be easier to put on, easier to take off, and will last longer. Your diamond stud earrings will also look more beautiful. We at ___(our store) hope you found this blog post to be helpful and we’d love to see pictures of your earrings and hear from you if you have any questions or concerns!

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