How To Take Out a Tragus Piercing

How To Take Out a Tragus Piercing? | Kevin Abdala

A tragus piercing, also known as a conch piercing, is a piercing on the front of the ear. It is an ear piercing that sits just below the opening of the ear. It is a surface piercing and usually heals very quickly.

A tragus piercing is a piercing placed behind the ear, into the cartilage of the tragus. This part of the ear is located about a centimeter or two away from the opening to the ear canal. If you are looking to get a tragus piercing, make sure you know how to take out a tragus piercing!

What is a tragus piercing exactly?

A tragus piercing is placed on small ear cartilage called the tragus, which is located just above the entrance to the ear canal. The tragus is a small triangular-shaped cartilage piece just before the ear canal. The piercing is typically above the tragus.

A Tragus piercing is a piercing of the Tragus. The tragus is the piece of cartilage just in front of your ear canal. A Tragus piercing follows the helix and enters the ear directly in front of the ear canal. This is one of the most common ear piercings, and everyone seems to have done it once.

What should you do if you have an infected tragus piercing?

The infection is caused by staph bacteria, and it can be treated by a healthy diet and topical antibiotics. However, you should always consult with a specialist and have the infected jewelry removed. Tragus piercings are very delicate, and an infected one should be avoided.

First, you should clean your piercing. Use sea salt solution or rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to clean the affected area.  Next, you should apply antibiotic ointment to the infected area. Do this a few times a day until your tragus piercing stops hurting.

Why do people get Tragus Piercings?

Tragus piercings give the face a more delicate and youthful look. They also enhance the overall facial features and make the person look more attractive. Many celebrities have the tragus piercings. They are also very popular in teenagers who are going through the puberty phase.

There are two types of piercings, one is surface piercing and another is tunnel piercing. Surface piercing is the piercing of the skin with an object that is comparatively thin. On the other hand, tunnel piercing is the piercing of the skin with an object that is comparatively thick.

What do you need to do the piercing?

Clean ears using antiseptic solution Use the clamp to get a firm grip on the upper ear. The piercer must make an initial hole with the needle, to help guide the jewelry in place. Attach the jewelry, and apply a bit of pressure to ensure it is being held tightly.

The piercing is usually done by a ear piercer. They must have a license in order to do the piercing. It takes a very long time to get a piercing at a piercing studio. Piercing studios use sterilized, single-use ear-piercing needles. While getting pierced you are required to fill out a consent form.

How to prepare for a Tragus piercing?

The Tragus is the small flap of cartilage that is located at the entrance to the ear canal. If you have an existing piercing there, it is often possible to just add a new set of earrings to your existing piercing.

The tragus is the little “flap” of cartilage on the outer ear—looks like a little butterfly or triangle. Piercing the tragus is by far the most common ear piercing in the world. It’s very popular with men and women of all ages and about 20% of my piercing clients get the tragus pierced.


A popular piercing style is tragus piercing. People with this piercing have a small stud placed behind the tragus. While this is a small piercing, it is surprisingly painful. If you have decided to get a tragus piercing, make sure you know how to take out a tragus piercing!


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