How To Screw Tragus Ball On?

How To Screw Tragus Ball On? |Kevin Abdala

Jewelry is a great place to buy body piercing jewelry online. They provide a huge selection of the best tragus jewelry and best septum jewelry. Here we will show you how to put a ball on your tragus.

A tragus piercing is a piercing above the ear that penetrates the small cartilage flap known as the tragus. The most popular form of this piercing is the curved barbell which is threaded through the piece of cartilage. Learn about the procedure and aftercare for this popular ear piercing style.

This blog will show you how to put a ball on your tragus piercing. Ear piercings are one of the most common styles of piercings. The tragus is a piercing on the outer ear. It sits directly in front of the ear canal and extends from the tragus bone.

How to tragus ball on?

The tragus is a small, raised piece of cartilage that is located in the outer ear. It is a small, rounded projection of skin located on the upper part of the ear canal which is visible when the outer ear is pulled back. For the body piercing of tragus, the upper ear cartilage is pierced with a needle, earring, and surgical steel barbell.

The post of the earring is inserted into the piercing hole and the earring is tightened. The person should always wear an earring post which is smaller in diameter than the earring. The reason is that the earring post and the earring should fit tightly and securely into the ear, so that it is not easily displaced.

What are Tragus earrings?

Tragus earrings is one of many piercings that can be found in the human ear. More specifically, it is a piercing through the tragus of the ear, which is the ridge just above the opening of the ear canal. This piercing is most commonly done with a stud or small hoop, although other jewelry like barbells and captive rings can also be worn.

Tragus earrings are small stud earrings that are worn in the ear cartilage, just in front of the ear lobe. This type of earring first gained popularity in the punk/rocker fashion scene and has been adopted by both men and women as a simple, yet trendy, fashion accessory.

How to get your tragus pierced?

ragus piercings are very common in women. However, people still have a hard time deciding whether or not they want to get the piercing. Here are some useful tips to help you decide if you should get the tragus piercing.

Getting your tragus pierced is a good idea if you don’t mind the regular upkeep that is required. Tragus piercings are very easy to hide. You can wear your hair over your ear most of the time, or you can wear a hat, or even an earring for those who have their ears pierced, so it won’t be noticeable.

what is tragus piercing?

Tragus piercings are highly underrated and understated piercings. They do require a certain amount of commitment because of the location, but if you know a few things before you get your tragus pierced, you will have an easier time and you will be better prepared.

Tragus Piercing is a body piercing that is placed in a visible spot such as the ear cartilage. The piercing is done in the ear tragus, a small, triangular-shaped cartilage protrusion that overlays the opening of the ear canal.


The tragus piercing is a very popular and trendy style of piercing that is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement with their body piercings. The tragus piercing is a piercing that goes through a small piece of cartilage that protrudes from the top of the ear. This style of piercing is one of the easiest to heal, as well as one of the least painful. If you are interested in getting a tragus piercing, we hope this blog has answered any questions you may have! If you have any questions, please contact us at ___.

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