How To Replate Gold Jewelry

How To Replate Gold Jewelry? |Kevin Abdala

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How to Clean Gold Jewelry with S.O.S Paste.

Simply, gently and quickly clean dirty gold jewelry using S.O.S Paste. With its superior cleaning properties, S.O.S Paste will remove all surface tarnish, including old hard water stains and heavy, old-fashioned, yellowish-colored oxidation from your jewelry so it will blend in with all your other jewelry.

Soak the piece of jewelry for about 20 minutes in a solution of warm water and dish soap. Remove the jewelry from the water, rinse it in the same solution, and then pat it dry with a clean towel. Put the jewelry in a small dish filled with warm water, and then add the S.O.S. Paste

How to Clean Gold Jewelry with Hagerty Cleaner.

Gold is one of the most popular precious metals used in jewelry making. It is loved not only for its beauty, but also for its ability to be used as investment vehicle. Investing in gold jewelry is a great way to get started in the world of investing, as it includes all of the same risks, but with a lower entry-level.

To clean 14K gold jewelry, you want to use a mild soap and warm water (to avoid unnecessary oxidation or tarnishing of the metal). Remove any excess dirt or grime with a soft toothbrush or cloth. After cleaning each piece, pat it dry with a clean cloth. If you want to take it to the next level.

How to Clean Gold Jewelry with Bar Keepers Friend.

Barkeepers Friend is safe to use on gold and other metals. Instead of using it dry, you can place the jewelry in a plastic bag, and cover it with a paste of Barkeepers Friend and water.

That way the paste can’t fall off the jewelry, so you won’t have to deal with rust spots later. For best results, use warm water, and stir the paste frequently. Also, put the jewelry in the sun after cleaning is done, to make sure all the paste has dried.

How to Clean Gold Jewelry with Bleach.


It is not a good idea to use bleach on gold jewelry and it can actually be harmful to your piece. In addition, it is unnecessary. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to clean gold jewelry with household items.

If a piece of jewelry is just a little bit gold-colored (instead of solid gold), then you can use bleach to remove the gold color and restore the jewelry to its original color.


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