How to Put In a Daith hoop?

How to Put In a Daith hoop? |Kevin Abdala

The daith is a piercing that looks like a mini helix. It is placed at the base of the ear and acts like a cartilage piercing. It is one of the most sought-after piercings, but it is one of the most stubborn to heal.

A daith, also known as a tragus piercing, is the piercing of the small flap of cartilage on the outside of the ear. Often confused with a tragus piercing, a Daith piercing is arguably more painful due to the proximity of the ear bones.

What is a Daith Hoop?

According to Wikipedia, a Daith Hoop is an earring worn in the daith piercing hole that fits in a hoop. Daith Hoop Earrings are one of the most popular earrings worn by celebrities. There are many different designs available for daith hoop earrings.

A Daith, or Dauphin, Hoop is a piercing worn in an area of cartilage located outside the ear. The Daith can be worn for both men and women and is especially popular with both genders among those with soft facial features and more extended, narrower faces and with people who have hair around their earlobes.

What is it used for?

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What are the dangers of a Daith Hoop?

The dangers of a daith hoop are real even if they are rare. The most common danger of this piercing is infection. The skin around the piercing is easily injured, especially during the healing process. Injuries to this skin area can cause more redness, pain, and swelling if not treated quickly.

The infection can spread to the inner ear and cause permanent damage to the hearing. A second danger is a potential for facial paralysis. This is a rare danger, but there have been cases where the piercing has migrated and pressed on a facial nerve causing paralysis on one side of the face.

How to put a Daith Hoop in?

In order to put a Daith Hoop in, you must first find the daith piercing hole (inside the ear) by following your natural ear canal down with your finger. When you reach the back of the ear, you will feel a small hole. That is the daith piercing hole you need to pierce.

A daith piercing is a piercing that goes through the ear cartilage on the innermost cartilage fold of the ear. Hoops are the best option for daith piercings. You can put the hoop in with a piercing needle, or you can use a taper for larger gauge size.


A lot of people are still turned away by the look of a daith piercing. It is placed at the base of the ear, and they sometimes get mistaken for a cartilage piercing. They can, however, be a great thing to have. The daith, or daith piercing, is one of the most sought-after piercings in the world. It is placed at the base of the ear and is easy to maintain. It is, however, one of the most stubborn piercings to heal.

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