how much is hoverboard in Nigeria

How Much is Hoverboard in Nigeria? Prepare to be Stunned!

If you’re still wondering how much is hoverboard in Nigeria, you’re not alone. The very question has been trending on social media, with many people reporting different prices at different shops across the country, so what’s the real story?

There are several factors that affect the price of this tech toy, including where and how you buy it, so before you shell out thousands of naira on one, make sure you do your research!

Go for quality over price

It’s tempting to go for a cheaper hoverboard, especially when they look just like an expensive one. But it might not perform as well or last as long. Look at hoverboards that are rated higher and that have better reviews; they’ll probably cost more, but you’ll get more value out of them over time. Also: don’t buy a used board unless you’re confident it’s been looked after very well by its previous owner.

If you do buy a secondhand hoverboard, test it thoroughly before making your purchase ─ chances are good that some aspect of its performance will not be up to scratch if it’s being sold cheaply.

The importance of doing some research

If you’re trying to buy a hoverboard in Nigeria, do some research first. Most of what you can find are likely counterfeits and/or fakes that have been painted black or gray and passed off as original devices by unscrupulous sellers. As an added bonus, many also tend to contain batteries that overheat — making them prone to catching fire.

 Instead of taking chances with a non-verified product, it’s usually worth getting an original board from an authorized dealer; they’ll have multiple colors and weights available. They’re also willing (and able) to ship outside of Nigeria. Just don’t expect any kind of warranty support if something goes wrong…and things will go wrong because $600 just doesn’t get you much these days outside of China

Where to get cheap but quality hoverboards

If you decide that you need a hoverboard for any reason, there are many places where you can get one. However, it’s important to note that a hoverboard is often not cheap and most of them aren’t even safe. If you have enough money and/or don’t mind taking risks with your life and/or property, you can choose from many different varieties but remember: don’t expect a quality product for less than $600 ─ (NGN) 228,000 naira or so. A quality product will always cost more because they pay attention to details while manufacturing them which may include things like safety checks and certifications among other things.

What features to look out for

If you’re living in Nigeria, chances are you’ve heard of hoverboards. They’re rapidly becoming popular, but with so many brands out there, it can get tricky to decide which one to buy. Whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift for someone else, there are several features you should look out for. Don’t spend more than ₦228,000 on a hoverboard unless you plan on taking it up as a sport ─ don’t expect them to climb very steep hills and they’re not built for long distances.

Don’t buy an inferior brand that has low battery life either: Look at how much time it can hold its charge before needing a recharge; typically 10 hours minimum is ideal. What about safety?

Things to keep in mind while riding

While they’re growing in popularity, hoverboards are still relatively new. Sure, they’re becoming an increasingly popular mode of transportation — but that doesn’t mean everyone knows how to ride them safely. So while you might be tempted to zoom around on your hoverboard and show off what you can do with it, resist that urge until you learn some basic safety tips. The more you know, after all, the better chance you have of surviving a spin on your new hoverboard. Here are five common mistakes people make when learning how to ride a hoverboard and how not to die from making them

Tips on how not to die while riding the hoverboard

It’s always better to purchase your self-balancing scooter from a store that you can check out. Look for one that has a UL mark of safety, which means it’s been approved by Underwriters Laboratories. Make sure that you weigh at least 120 pounds and no more than 220 pounds so as not to strain it, and also make sure that its maximum load is less than 150kg.

 Be mindful of slopes: Always wear protective gear such as helmets and pads because falling on your face or breaking a bone could be quite painful or potentially life-threatening. And finally, only spend $600 ─ (NGN) 228,000 naira on a hoverboard unless you want it as a sport or professional toy.

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