How Long Does Ring Resizing Take

How Long Does Ring Resizing Take? | Kevin Abdala

You’ve just received your new ring in the mail and it seems oddly small or large. Ring sizing can be a finicky thing. Maybe it really isn’t your size, or maybe you’ve gained or lost a bit of weight since you first bought it. Whatever the case, we’re here to help.

Getting the perfect engagement ring is an important and exciting decision. You want to make sure that you choose the right ring that suits your partner and makes them incredibly happy. One size doesn’t fit all, so you need to make sure that if you are buying a ring, you need to find a reliable jeweler that you can trust to resize your ring if it doesn’t fit.

Does Ring Resizing Take A Long Time?

Many people who are considering resizing rings are concerned about how long the process will take because they aren’t sure if they have the time to wait to wear their rings again. The good news is that most ring resizing processes don’t take nearly as long as you might think, and usually aren’t nearly as expensive as you might expect. Keep reading to learn more about does ring resizing takes, what it costs, and how long it takes!

What is ring resizing

Whenever your fingers gain or lose weight, they’ll swell—and so will your ring size. To maintain a perfect fit, it’s a good idea to have your rings resized once or twice each year; most jewelers offer free resizing for as long as you own an item.

You may also want to schedule an appointment in advance if you know you’re going to be gaining weight, especially if it seems excessive (putting on 15 pounds over several months is normal and should not affect your ring size). And even if you live in a hot climate where swelling is common, don’t leave home without checking your ring size first.

Why does ring resizing take time?

In general, how long ring resizing takes is largely determined by how complex of a resize you need. How do I know what kind of resize I need? Like everything else in life, there are ups and downs to ring resizing. If you’ve ever worn a ring that has been sized too small or a little too big, then you know all about those downs.

For example, when your rings are overly loose you run the risk of misplacing them (or worse). That’s why it’s so important to get a pair of professional eyes on your finger as soon as possible so that they can let you know exactly what type of ring resizing you need. From there, all it takes is some time and patience for your ring to look as good as new again!

What can you do while your ring is being resized?

When you take your jewelry to be resized, you may be able to leave it with a trusted friend or family member (for example, your spouse) while it’s being worked on. Most people don’t keep their wedding rings on while they’re away from home, but if you feel more comfortable doing so—or if your ring is especially valuable and irreplaceable—then by all means do so.

Just remember to always remove it before going to bed, exercising, or showering. These activities can create microscopic scratches in metal that could later turn into cracks when subjected to stress from the everyday wear of an altered ring.

The end result

There are many factors that affect how long it takes to resize a ring. The more intricate your ring design, or if you have rings made out of a hard metal such as tungsten or titanium, it may take longer to resize than a simple gold band.

Also, if you have rings that are very worn and dented or poorly shaped due to other resizing, it will likely take longer for our craftsmen to reshape them so they fit perfectly. And finally, all of our team members at Balfour’s and Shane Co., Ltd consider each piece individually and give it their full attention; we’re proud of our impeccable customer service, which means we may be busier in some seasons than others.


We’re so glad you decided to read this article about how long ring resizing take! We hope, after reading this article, you have learned about how long ring resizing takes, what it costs, and how long it takes. If you have any questions about does ring resizing takes, please contact us anytime!

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