How Long Does It Take to Have a Ring Resized

How Long Does It Take to Have a Ring Resized? | Kevin Abdala

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where a ring you ordered was too big and you were going to have to go through the hassle of getting it resized ? At some point during your lives, most of us are likely to face this situation.

If you have ever wondered how long is it takes to have a ring resized, this blog will give you the answers. It covers things like the different types of resizing methods, how long it takes to resize a ring, and how much ring resizing cost. It also gives you tips on how to resize your ring yourself.

The common myths around resizing a ring.

Smaller rings do not make your fingers look thinner, in fact, it reflects light and draws attention to your hands. Also, most jewelers will resize a ring even if the diamond is loose, which means you can get a smaller ring for your loved one and she won’

Resizing a ring isn’t as easy as most people believe. Resizing a ring won’t cause it to lose its luster or value. However, we warn our clients not to resize their own rings. Most jewelers will resize a ring made of gold, platinum, or titanium.

Can you resize your ring yourself?

Yes, it is almost the same as resizing other kinds of rings – such as a wedding ring. Of course, the steps and time involved will vary depending on the style, the fit, and your jeweler’s skill. But in general, the process is as follows: Get an impression of the inside of your ring.

The jeweler will put an impression material inside of your ring, usually with a caulking gun. Take the impression to your jeweler. Bring your ring to a jeweler. He will take another impression of your ring, this time to make a mold. Use the mold to make a new ring.

The best way to resize your ring.

There are several ways to resize your ring. If your ring was made in the last few years, go to your jeweler and explain the problem. It is likely that they will be able to resize your ring quickly. If they cannot resize it, they may be able to add a few more diamonds to make up for the size difference.

If the ring is an older one, you will probably have to have it re-sized. Most older rings can be resized at the jeweler, but this can sometimes result in the breakage of prongs in the ring. So if it is an older ring, I would suggest having it re-sized by a third-party company that specializes in resizing rings.

Which jeweler to choose?

Don’t go for jewelers by name. Go for jewelers by value. If a jeweler is good at providing value, he doesn’t need to be good at marketing. The best jeweler will be the one who saves more money for you.

The best jeweler is the one who can give you best service with best pricing. So check the quality first and then check the price. A good jeweler should be able to give you a great quality and great service.


Resizing a ring takes a few different methods that each have their own time frames. It usually takes a few days to a week to have your ring resized. You can also do it yourself, which will take you a few hours to complete. The cost of resizing varies depending on the type of ring you have and the type of resizing service you choose.


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