How Diamonds Are Cut

How Diamonds Are Cut? |Kevin Abdala

Diamond is the classic gift for Valentine’s Day and for many, it is the most romantic gift that one could give. But if diamonds are forever why not know more about the process behind getting that perfect diamond? This blog goes behind the process of how diamonds are cut to make them more beautiful.

Diamonds are said to be girls’ best friends. However, not all diamonds are created equal. A diamond is a manufactured product, and the quality of the diamond is determined by the cut, clarity, carats, and treatment of the diamond.

Why are diamonds cut?

Diamonds are cut for a couple of reasons. Firstly, cutting a diamond improves the brilliance of the stone. Brilliance refers to the amount of light reflected from the surface of the diamond.

In addition to enhancing brilliance, cutting also makes the diamond more intense by removing excess weight and making optimal use of the diamond’s proportions. It also improves the diamond’s durability.

How are diamonds cut?

Diamonds are cut in a process called faceting. A diamond is held securely in a special fixture that holds it at the precise angle for the faceting machine to be able to cut it.

The faceting machine cuts the diamond at exactly the same angle over and over again, which eventually creates the facets of the gem. The precise angle is determined by the optical properties of the diamond.

What are diamond cut grades?

The grade is one of the major factors in the cost of a diamond. The cut grade of a diamond is determined by a master gemologist who grades the stone according to proportions and symmetry. Diamonds that have a flawless cut will be rated as a “Flawless Cut”.

Diamond cut grades are to describe the size and brilliance of a diamond. The larger and more brilliant the diamond, the higher the cut grade. There are various elements that determine a diamond cut grade. The main ones are the depth, the table size, and the crown height.

What’s the purpose of a diamond cut?

Diamond shines for two reasons, 1) refraction of light through its crystal structure, 2) reflection of light off its perfectly smooth surface. The way light enters the diamond crystals determines how it shines and focuses.

Diamonds are cut for many different purposes. Round diamonds are most common and are used in earrings and pendants. Other popular shapes of diamonds include pear, oval and emerald-cut diamonds. Every cut has its own unique set of characteristics.


To get that impressive sparkle out of a diamond, it has to be cut to perfection. The diamond cutting process is fascinating and has been around for a while. There are many steps that go into the cutting process of a diamond to get it ready to be worn. We hope that you enjoyed our blog post on the details of the diamond cutting process. If you would like to know more about diamonds, please visit our site at ___.

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