Ed’s Engagement Rings, Shailene Woodley, Ed Sheeran and more engagement rings announced as #EngagementFriday

Ed Sheers ring was the subject of the “Engagement Friday” video, which debuted on Twitter last week.

Ed’s engagement ring was also featured in the “Eyes on the Prize” video that premiered last Friday.

She was not featured in “Echoes of Ed.”

On Friday, Ed’s ring was featured in a video posted to Instagram by the actor and producer James Franco, which has garnered more than 5.5 million views.

“Shailene is the only person in the world that I can think of who can inspire me to be an incredible husband, father and mother,” Franco wrote.

“She’s the person I’ve always dreamed of being with.

We’re so proud of our family and the incredible support that our family has received from all of you. “

We’ve made this video to share our love for each other and to share what Ed is truly about.

We’re so proud of our family and the incredible support that our family has received from all of you.

We couldn’t have done this without you, and I love you so much.

I’m grateful for all of the support we’ve received and all of those who have supported us, Ed and Shailena.

I love our family, we love each other.

I’ll always cherish Ed and my life with you.”

Ed was the first person to publicly announce his engagement to Sheers on Instagram.

Sheers announced his engagement via Twitter on Monday.

“Ed Sheerans engagement ring is now on the market,” he tweeted.

“Love you, Ed.”

Sheers tweeted a photo of his ring on Tuesday, captioning it “the ring that Ed and I share and I am honored to be able to share with you, my amazing wife and best friend.”

“I am so grateful to everyone for all the love & support that has been given to Ed & Shailen since the #EngageFriday video was posted on our instagrams instagram.

I am so blessed.

I look forward to sharing more on our engagement with Ed & @shailesheers soon,” he wrote.

Sheer has also posted a video of the ring on his Instagram account.

“I know Ed will be thrilled to wear this as he has always loved it, I just wish I could tell him to be a little more thoughtful with the wording.

Thanks Ed &shailen,” she wrote.

Eds wife, Shana, has also tweeted support for the actor.

“You are a true hero.

I cant thank you enough for all your support & love,” she posted.

“The love is always there for you Ed.

You are so blessed, and we will all miss you!”

Sheers wife, who is the daughter of actor and actress Robert De Niro, has not posted a statement on the ring.

The engagement comes less than a week after the actress and her husband were engaged in a public engagement at a private event in Las Vegas.

The couple was seen with their two sons, who are the star of the ABC series “Scandal.”

In the video, the pair are seen taking turns dancing to a song called “Baby Boy” by the hip-hop group TLC.