Colors Of a Mood Ring And What They Mean

Colors Of a Mood Ring And What They Mean? |Kevin Abdala

A mood ring can tell a person what their mood is and how it will change. The Mood ring has different colors and different colors mean different moods. In this blog you will find out what each color means and what mood will be likely to occur.

Mood rings were popular in the ’70s and 80’s. They may not be popular anymore but the rings have an interesting history. You can learn a lot about human psychology just by looking at the colors of a mood ring. Here are a few interesting facts about mood rings and what the colors mean.

What is a Mood Ring?

The Mood Ring, also known as Gem Ring, Mood Stone and Mood Band, is a gemstone-based or plastic ring that changes colors in response to the wearer’s body heat or mood.

The ring was first manufactured by American businessman Chet Lapidus. H is first mood ring was made of wood and contained mood-altering crystals. However, this product was not very durable, so Lapidus then created a more durable version, made of clay and available in different colors.

How do mood rings work?

A mood ring is a ring that changes colors depending on the wearer’s temperature. The colors are actually made of certain materials that change colors based on temperature. Mood rings are a type of thermochromic material, meaning that they change colors when exposed to certain temperatures.

This causes the liquid crystals to change colors, and they will appear as different colors on the mood ring. The colors depend on the metal used. For example, the colors can range from blue to red, and either blue or red can be in the center as well.

What do the colors on a mood ring mean?

The mood ring is a ring, which provides you with a simple and yet very effective solution for understanding your mood and emotions. It is a ring, which changes color depending on the mood and emotions of the wearer.

Mood ring is the first and probably the most famous mood jewelry available in the market. The ring goes from deep, rich colors to pale, almost white depending on the wearer’s body temperature.

Why is Science behind mood rings?

There is no science behind mood rings. Mood rings are just of a piece of jewelry with a knick. The color of the mood ring changes according to the body temperature of the wearer. If a person is cold, the mood ring will turn dark, which indicates a sad state of mind. If the person is warm,

As a child, I used to be very intrigued by the science behind mood rings. I used to wonder what made it change from color to color. As I grew up, I read more about the science behind mood rings and I found out that it was just a scam.


The mood ring is a very interesting piece of technology. It is a ring that has different colors and each color means a different mood. This blog is about the different colors and what mood each color means. In the mood ring, each color represents a different mood. Blue means calm, red means tense, black means angry, green means relaxed, and yellow means happy. It is interesting to know that a mood ring can tell a person what their mood is and how it will change. This blog will go into what each color means.

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