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Mediatakeout is a blog-style gossip website mainly focused on entertainment, particularly the African American community. Founded in 2005, Media Take Out has since become one of the most popular African American entertainment sites online and its stories are frequently picked…

What Can Cut Diamond ?| Kevin Abdala

what can cut diamond

Diamonds are often sold based on their cut. The cut of the diamond refers to the proportions of the diamond. A diamond that is cut well will shine, will be bright, and will reflect light in a beautiful manner. There…

best lightweight hoop earrings

best lightweight hoop earrings

How about really enjoying the most favorable moments for shopping online? Just sit at home and feel free to do a quick search on LightInTheBox and you will find out how convenient it is to shop the best lightweight hoop…

best small gold hoop earrings

best small gold hoop earrings

Gold hoop earrings are one of the best earrings to wear. It is a simple design that you can wear for any occasion. When buying a gold hoop earring, there are a few things that you need to consider to…

How Much is a Blue Gem? | Kevin Abdala

How Much is a Blue Gem

Blue gemstones are the most popular in the world of gemstones and are one of the most valued. Blue gemstones are known to boost creativity, intuition, and overall happiness. They are said to promote good health and are often worn…

What Does Nickel Free Mean? |Kevin Abdala

What Does Nickel Free Mean

There are two main types of nickel: nickel-free and nickel-plated. Both of them have their own advantages. Therefore, you need to know what is the best one for your needs. This blog will help you with that. What are nickel-free…