A new diamond ring with a little help from the ladies

A new ring made with diamonds from a Shaquille O’Neal ring could help you get some extra attention.

The diamond ring is called the Diamond Ringer and is available for $2,900.

The price tag is slightly higher than what a Shaq-themed ring from the 1990s cost.

The ring comes with a fancy diamond case and comes with an attached belt pouch.

It’s also available with a 6.5-carat gold or platinum crystal, according to Reddit user davekings, who was kind enough to share the ring.

The only issue with the ring is that the crystal is the same color as Shaq’s teeth.

The Diamond Ringers gold ring will only set you back $1,800, but you can find similar rings for about $1 a piece.

The two diamonds that make up the ring are a 2.5 carat rose and a 3 carat emerald.

The rose is actually the same size as Shaquilles teeth, but the emerald is just as pretty.

If you’re looking to get some diamond jewelry, this diamond ring would be a great choice.